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Where Are You Getting Your Energy From?


Where Are You Getting Your Energy From?One of the more recent crazes pervasive in today’s society is the influence of over-the-counter energy drinks. As modern lifestyles get increasingly busy, people are turning to energy drinks in an attempt to get a quick boost.

The Sustainable Energy Problem

Energy drinks have embedded themselves in many peoples’ everyday diets—even as increasing evidence shows just how unhealthy these “natural” energy booster drinks can be. Due to the high concentrated doses of caffeine plus a mixture of artificial stimulants that require warning labels about consumption, some short-term physical side-effects are commonly reported. Irritability, nausea, nervousness and jitters are only a few of the more simple side-effects. The long terms effects of energy drinks are increasingly coming under scrutiny, and many experts in the health and nutrition industry are concerned about the reliance on these types of drinks for daily energy. The FDA has recently posted adverse-event reports (AERs) on some of the more popular drinks filed by patients, doctors, and families. However AERs can simply warn that a product might have harmed someone. The FDA can only remove a product if—after investigation—they find that using the product as directed can cause harm. Some energy drinks available in your local gas station or food store contain up to a whooping 242 milligrams of caffeine per serving! By contrast, an 8-ounce cup of coffee contains about 100 milligrams of caffeine.

Energize the Healthy and Natural Way

Attaining energy from your diet and getting adequate sleep supports a healthier lifestyle and can prevent you from choosing unhealthy alternatives to boost your energy levels. A balanced diet with vegetables, fruits, protein, and the right amount of carbohydrates can help supply you with a healthy dose of natural energy throughout your day without resorting to caffeine and harsh energy drinks. Natural energy sources also last longer and won’t cause your system to crash after a sugar surge. If you can’t get the energy you need from your diet alone, there are supplements that boost your energy levels in a natural way by supplying your body the vitamins and minerals it would normally use to create energy. Shortcuts to boosting energy are just that: They last a short while and the boost they provide cuts out fast. For lasting energy, the payoff from healthier options can be more rewarding—and lasting.



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