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Watching Not Only What You Eat but What You Drink


Watching Not Only What You Eat but What You DrinkMany people constantly tweak their diets and eating habits trying to find that right formula in order to better their heath and promote healthier weight management. The food you put in your body is, no doubt, of the utmost importance. But sometimes you can forget just how vital an impact—both positive and negative—the fluids you drink can have on your overall health. The right fluids can boost your nutrient intake while adding minimal calories, fats, and sugars to your daily diet.

The Element of Life

Given that you need to consume fluids every day, what fluid is cheap, abundant, and crucial to your body's needs? The answer, of course, is water. Vital to all forms of life on Earth, this simple, yet all-important, liquid is the best "go-to drink" when it comes to fluids with no added calories, sugars, or fats. Water is essential in promoting healthy function in your body and should not be forgotten.

Focusing on the Fluids

Many drinks have their pros and cons—so what's the lesson when it comes to fluid intake and health? Moderation is the key. Juice can add important nutrients and vitamins to your daily regimen. First, you need to make sure it's 100% fruit juice. Then it's important to limit your juice intake to about 6 ounces per day, due to its high calorie content. Milk should also be taken in moderation. Despite providing much-needed calcium to support bone and muscle health, it is also high in calories. And, depending on what kind of milk you drink (skim, 2%, etc) you could be adding unwanted fat to your daily intake. If weight management and nutrition are your goal, artificially sweetened sodas, fruit drinks, and—maybe worst of all—energy drinks should be avoided or taken very rarely as these beverages can have negative effects on long-term health.

Supplementing with Natural Choices

Sticking to what's natural and supplementing your food and fluid intake with proper vitamins and minerals can help you achieve a proper daily balance in nutrition. Ultimately, there are many drink choices out there, but choosing the healthy, natural one can be the important catalyst needed to get you on the track to good health.



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