For 10 years, GH3 has been a part of my life. I have lots of energy, and if I miss a dosage, I start feeling more tired than before. I'm 76 years old and am still very active. My complexion is also much nicer because of GH3! It's a wonderful supplement that I recommend.
Marsha A.
Cuyahoga Falls, OH
I've always felt sick and my health would easily get affected by small factors. Yet ever since I started taking G.H.3., my health has vastly improved. I've been taking it for over 25 years now, and I've only been sick twice with a cold throughout all that time! I highly recommend this amazing product.
John D.
Port Orchard, WA
After my accident 20 years ago, I'd had numerous health issues. But G.H.3 helped me overcome them and more. I first took 4 capsules each day once I ordered it, and after only two weeks, I was already feeling the difference. I had more energy, and felt younger than I had in years. I believe G.H.3 helped me with my other health issues, such as my blood sugar and thyroid problems. Despite a history of heart trouble in my family, I've been incredibly healthy, both physically and mentally! I currently have an auto-ship with GardaVita, so that I always have a steady supply of G.H.3, of which I highly recommend!
Earlene C.
Soddy Daisy, TN
G.H.3. was a product that worked for me immediately. I only took it as a health precaution at first, but now I have more energy than before and it has even helped me feel overall better as a result! I took other products before, but none have been as good as G.H.3.. I've shown it to my brother who is also a doctor, and he agrees that this product is truly amazing. I'm so satisfied with G.H.3. and make sure that my order is on auto-ship, so that way I can never be without it!
Pat M.
Staten Island, NY
I've been taking G.H.3. for over 30 years now and it's never let me down. I first discovered the supplement in the GardaVita magazine and learning of its benefits. At 85 years old, I'm still working and need my health to be at its best. Thanks to G.H.3., I'm able to get up and go. I even look young for my age, and can't keep the ladies away! This is a wonderful product that has helped stay young and fit!
Frank G.
Victorville, CA
I first heard about G.H.3. back in an issue of GardaVita's magazine. It had an ad detailing all of its benefits, so I started taking it as a health precaution. Before G.H.3., I have had discomfort in my knees and joints, but since taking it, my comfort level is so much better now! I get more energy and stay pretty active with my cleaning and other daily chores. I've been a longtime customer of GardaVita thanks to this product. Whenever people are looking for an all-natural supplement, I point them straight to G.H.3.!
Dessie C.
West Babylon, NY
What first drew me to G.H.3. was its long and impressive list of ingredients. I was already looking for a good multivitamin, and could already tell that G.H.3. would be a better choice out of other supplements I had seen. I ordered from GardaVita's magazine and now feel I am in even better health. I try to maintain a healthy lifestyle by staying active and biking ½ a mile every day, and G.H.3. helps me stay energetic enough to do that and more. I am so glad I found this supplement. G.H.3. really does help me stay forever young.
Olinda S.
Nolanville, TX
My friend told me about G.H.3. She had good results with it and recommended for me to try it, especially since I would occasionally just have no energy. By just the second month of taking G.H.3., my energy level had risen. I also slept better, could breathe easier, and it even helped with my aches! I tell everyone about G.H.3., and now both of my daughters are taking it! I don't experience weakness or lack of energy anymore thanks to this amazing supplement. I will keep telling people about G.H.3. because it truly works!
Joyce H.
Houston, TX
I may be 74 years old, but I don't look my age at all! I have been taking G.H.3. since the 1990s, finding it in the GardaVita® catalogue. I took a chance on it and have never looked back since. I used to be so sluggish, and would have no energy to do things. But with G.H.3., I am no longer held back by my own lack of energy. I have the motivation to do things again! I'll continue being a lifelong customer of GardaVita® when they provide amazing supplements like G.H.3.
Lillie A.
Dumas, MS
I was an elementary school teacher for 40 years. I’d spend hours sitting at my desk and working with small children. Though the job was quite stressful at times, it was also one of my most rewarding experiences. Once I retired, I wanted to keep my energy and stay active, like I was during my teaching years. From going to the gym to taking trips with my husband – I didn’t want to lose that momentum!
I saw GH3 in a magazine ad and was intrigued that it was a natural product and that it used such high-quality ingredients. Before I took GH3, I would also get a little anxious sometimes. Now with GH3 as part of my life, I feel much more confident, and not so nervous about issues like before. This supplement has helped me in so many ways. As a longtime customer, I fully recommend GH3 to anyone who wants to stay active into their golden years!
Carol V.
Pasadena, CA
Before GH3, I took numerous other supplements and vitamins to support my health. I used to work for around to 70 hours a week as a truck driver, sometimes working across 7 states. It was tough, and I didn’t want my age to affect the way I both worked and lived my life. I noticed how GH3 has helped me throughout the years, letting me continue to be active while also having the energy to do the things that I enjoy. I still do yard work, and make time out of my day for my exercises. And I also need to energy to spend time with my 6 grandkids!
GH3 has helped me make so many things in my life possible. It is truly a product worth supporting!
Ed K.
Lambertville, MI
I showed my doctor GH3 once, wanting his opinion on the vitamins and nutrients used in its formula. He suggested that I should use it, and I’ve been glad ever since.
It’s been 20 years since then, but I still have boundless energy and am more active than most other people my age. Though I’m now retired at 79, I feel happy with GH3 and of life in general!
Enedina R.
McAllen, TX
G.H.3. has been a part of my life for over 35 years now. I wanted something that would give me energy, help me feel better about my health, and be more alert to the world around me. G.H.3. does all that and more, and I truly feel young – all at the age of 85! I’ve noticed the difference between me and my friends, both in energy and overall health. No other product has been more satisfying than G.H.3. I fully recommend it!
Frank B.
Coatesville, PA
The first time I heard about GH3 was through Bob Delmanteque, a fitness expert who worked with many celebrities. He praised GH3 and its formula, and I knew his word could be trusted. If he believed in GH3’s support, then so could I. So I ordered a bottle as soon as I could. Now, 30 years later, GH3 remains a part of my life.
This isn’t the only product I’ve ordered from GardaVita. RenalSur has also been wonderful for my urinary health, but GH3 has been with me for 30 years and counting. I always recommend GardaVita’s products whenever I can. Thank you so much for making supplements that not only give me the energy to live life, but to continue doing more than I thought possible!
Janet W.
Sanford, FL
I first heard about G.H.3. from a friend who was going through many obstacles in her life. After seeing how sluggish I’ve been, she told me about the product, claiming it would help me. I decided to give it a chance because I really did want some change to my energy.
Not only did G.H.3. helped with my energy levels, but with so much more. I felt much more control of my emotions, had more strength and stamina, and just generally felt much better during the day. When I stopped taking G.H.3. for about three weeks, I instantly felt the difference; being more sluggish and just have overall low moods.
G.H.3. has been such a life-changer, making my days better and giving me the energy to do the things that I enjoy. I completely recommend G.H.3. for those who want the same amazing benefits!
Maria R.
Clearwatter, FL
As an Assistant Manager for a clothing store, I’m on my feet a majority of the day. I found G.H.3. through an ad and once I started taking it, I noticed how my knees gave me less trouble within the first 2 months. When I stopped for a short while, the discomfort would come back, so now I use G.H.3. every day, as does my husband. Now we both feel better, younger, and have more energy to do what we need around the house. I also no longer have any age spots since then, and just feel all around more active than I have in years. I would definitely recommend this product for those wanting better, overall health.
Mavis T.
Minford, OH
As an active person who still gets up early in the morning, I wanted my health to stay positive and support my mobile lifestyle. I also live in New York, and the switch from the heat and cold is very tough on the body. I wanted an extra boost to my energy, and for my health to be well-supported. That was when my mother first told me about GH3.
Ever since then, I told my doctor about GH3 after seeing how well I was doing. This supplement fits perfectly with my lifestyle. So many other vitamins I’ve taken can be harsh on my stomach, but GH3 has a wonderful blend that I’m able to easily digest. Overall, I am very satisfied with GH3!
Patricia S.
Brooklyn, NY
When I first saw G.H.3., I was very impressed by its ingredients, especially at the inclusion of both PABA and DMAE. I’ve had joint problems for a long time, and the first week I took G.H.3., I was able to tell a difference in how I felt. I’ve not only experienced less discomfort, but have more energy for my day. It’s great to have a supplement with such an innovative formula, and to help support my health. I fully recommend G.H.3. for anyone looking for a good support product to complement their life!
Robert M.
Lebanon, MO
I first heard about G.H.3 in a GardaVita issue. I was looking for a high-quality multivitamin, something to help support my health and give me more energy for the day. I was impressed by the expansive list of ingredients that G.H.3. had, and saw all the testimonials for it. Seeing so many people giving good reviews for it, I decided to order the supplement right away.
G.H.3. worked right away; I had so much energy, and just felt overall younger as a result. Everyone else noticed it, too! People at my Church keep asking me what was my secret for looking great, and I’ve told them about G.H.3. GardaVita always has the best products and G.H.3. is no exception. I am so happy with the results and highly recommend it!
Rosemarie C.
Holiday, FL
G.H.3. has been part of my life for 30 years and counting. It’s given me energy, better stability, and makes me look good for my age! People keep commenting on how much younger I look, especially with all the extra energy I have. I can garden and mow the lawn at 100% capacity! I’ve never had a bad experience with G.H.3. in all the time I’ve taken it. It is truly one of the safest and most effective supplements out there!
Tareen D.
Cassopolis, MI
Both Arthro-7 and GH3 helped me on multiple fronts, and has become supplements I don't want to go without. I've had issues with my muscles, my mental awareness, and my overall outlook on life. But GH3 has given more energy and positivity than I've had in years, while Arthro-7 is full on amazing for my joints. For 15 years, I've been on a path towards overall better health than ever. I'm happy, I'm energetic, and just all-around grateful that GardaVita has made such effective products.
Jeannie B.
Rice Lake, WI
I am 90 now and live alone. I take care of myself, eat a balanced diet, and credit G.H.3. with helping me stay on my feet.
Elizabeth Berry
The people who know me, they say, 'What is your secret? You look so good!'. I just smile and give them information about my G.H.3. supplements.
Eva Romero
I am a medical transcriptionist. Quite a few years ago I found G.H.3., which helped give me more energy as well as improve my reaction time, allowing me to put out more work with increased accuracy rate. I’ve tried other products available in stores, but none compare to G.H.3!
Diane Glassman
Several years ago I went to my uncle’s 90th birthday party. He was in great shape and looked no more than 65 years old. I asked him what his secret was and he told me about G.H.3. He had been taking it for 10 years. He told me if I wanted to look and feel as good as he did to start taking G.H.3. I have been taking it ever since. Now I am 58 and I still surf, play tennis, and now ski, and I look and feel great
Dennis DeMeis
I like G.H.3. and I take it every day. I feel better and have more strength (I have six rental houses I take care of). I take care of the livestock on our farm, and my wife has a resale shop and I also help her there. I think that without G.H.3. I could not do what I do and feel good.
Ellsworth Courte
I call G.H.3. my ‘forever young product.’ I made a wonderful choice when I started taking G.H.3. in 1989 and I have continuously been taking two capsules per day the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach for the past 19 years.
Hattie P. King
My skin and hair look good, I have more energy, and it keeps me going. I love G.H.3.
Irene Hourselt
My life has changed and I have more energy. I look younger and people tell me I look good for my age. I am 72 years old. And believe me, I’m doing okay. G.H.3. is the best product.
Ram Ayala
I am 88 and appear to be at least 20 years younger. I’m not sure when I first purchased G.H.3., but I do not want to stop!
Phyllis Mockler