I used Mega MSM from 2000 to 2002. I didn’t have the money to reorder at that time, so I thought, “Oh well, it wasn’t helping that much anyways.” But in winter 2001 we had a very bad storm and let me tell you, since then my feet have been so bad the bones felt like they were going to break. So, guess what? I got my MSM back.
Margaret Tipton
Rector, AR
Since taking Mega MSM (powder) my wife and I have had a new lease on life with better, much more pleasant-feeling joints. We recommend this product to anyone with tired, aching joints. It’s well worth the money and peace of mind.
Steve Pierce
Bakersfield, CA
I was on a trip with other seniors and naturally, talk would often revolve around our health. One woman was telling me about her awful joint pains. “Why don’t you try MSM?” I asked. She had never heard of it and was leery, but I promised to send her your literature, which I did. About 6 months later, I received a letter from her thanking me. She said, “I didn’t realize it, but after several months of taking MSM, I bent down to pick something up and realized I had no pain!”
Anita Brulato
Paramus, NJ
My age is 82 and my left knee has had no cartilage for a number of years. After trying a number of pain medications with no relief, I tried Mega MSM and now the pain is gone.
Edwin H. Scott
York, PA
Since using Mega MSM, I’m enjoying life again and I’m able to do so many things I was unable to do before. I’m 90 years old and feel young again. Thanks, Mega MSM!
Sylvia Yost
Honolulu, HI
I have been using Mega MSM for over 10 years. Before using Mega MSM I had my left knee completely replaced. My right knee was also considered for replacement. I opted not. After getting out of rehab, I saw a video on Mega MSM on TV. I sent for it and am grateful I did. My right knee is holding up great; I play mini holes of golf five days a week.
Joseph Somio
Altamont, NY
My knees didn’t hurt anymore, it was Mega MSM and Arthro-7 that did the healing. Thank you.
Kenneth Peterson
Welaco, TX
Ten years ago, my joint pain was so bad I was bent over in the mornings when I would get out of bed. I just hurt all over all the time. I do not remember how I found out about your MSM, but I started it around six years ago. I take it twice a day and I am never in pain. I am 74 years old and very active. I have gotten a few of my friends to try it and they have experienced a difference too. I wouldn’t be without it ever!
Laura Burt
Kingman, AZ
I have to say, without a doubt, your products are big league. I have tried quite a few and every one that I have tried has done exactly what it said it would do. And I have to say, your Mega MSM is the very best. I used to have joint pains and back pains, but since I’ve been on MSM, no more problems—plus more energy! Thanks for a great product.
Harold Andrews
Buckeye, AZ
I am 82 years old and very active. I travel often—I go on cruises and visit towns in the US and abroad. I also have a 33-foot, five-wheel trailer with a large truck I drive often. Even strangers remark how young I look. I do my own flower and garden work and swim often. I have been taking Arthro-7 and MSM for many years. I am sure taking these products has helped me maintain an extremely healthy and active life. I expect to remain active for many more years with the help of your products.
Phyllis Taylor
Orange, CA
Story: I was suffering and diagnosed with pain in my legs, arms and back, and was afraid I was headed for a wheelchair. Doctors prescribed very invasive treatments, which I declined because of being allergic to many medications. I saw an article for MSM and thought, “what do I have to lose?” Today, I can dance, walk, use my arms, and I feel great. Thank god for MSM.
Eleanor Michalowski
North Haledon, NJ
I have used Mega MSM and Prostata for many years. It’s been so long I can’t remember when I started. Mega MSM has helped me so much; I have fallen a lot—even on concrete—but so far not a broken bone. My wife now takes it, too. Prostata has helped. I am 87 (88 in February ’09). When I take my PSA test each year it is so low the doctor can’t believe it. I know Prostata is the reason. Thanks so much for great products.
Roland Goode
Powell, TN
I was stiff and had a lot of pain, especially back pain, but since taking Mega MSM the problem has improved 80%.
Elenora Howell
Riverside, CA
I could hardly put my right arm over my head, but since I have been using Mega MSM I have no problems with my arm. I am very, very pleased.
Charles Mayfield
Philpot, KY
After taking glucosamine and Mega MSM, there’s now nothing wrong and I can run and skip.
Elaine Owen
Yonkers, NY
After four or five days of taking Mega MSM, I began to feel a lot better than usual. I said to my husband, “This may sound like a fairy tale, but I’m feeling a lot better than I have this year.” To me, that’s a big story. Thanks!
Millie Catherine Newman
Dudley, NC
When I started taking Mega MSM my hands were so bad I could not make a first—they hurt so bad. They hurt to use a hoe, broom, or anything like that. Now I can do it all and I crochet all the time. I am 80 years old, but I have to work. [Mega MSM] has done more than I ever dreamed it could.
Lorene Leebrick
Shelbyville, TN
My husband and I used Mega MSM for several years. When the product went up in cost, we started buying cheaper MSM and our knees and hips started to bother us. We went back to Mega MSM and our knees and hips are getting better. We won’t do that again!
Nella Scarlett
Roosevelt, AZ
Several years ago while walking, I had sudden pain hit me from my hip down to my knee. I could not walk more than 25 feet and the pain became unbearable. Meanwhile, I was reading an article in a magazine for your MSM product and I ordered it. Four days after taking three capsules a day, I had no pain, and went back to work. I take your MSM daily to this day.
Angelo Caponigro
Glendale, CA
I used Mega MSM from 2000 to 2002. I didn’t have the money to reorder at that time, so I thought, “Oh well, it wasn’t helping that much anyway.” In winter of 2001, we had a very bad storm, no problem. But let me tell you since then my feet have been so bad the bones felt like they were going to break. So guess what? I got my Mega MSM back.
Margaret Tipton
Rector, AZ
I am 91. I keep my joint discomfort under control with GardaVita products. My husband died 12 years ago. I live alone and do all the chores. I have a big corner lot and I grow many flowers. I do not drive, so I have plenty of rides and I bake pies for my drivers. I make youth quilts for the shelter and I have sent 150 quilts.
Corene Fuhrman
Willowick, OH
My monthly visits to the rheumatologist have long gone since taking daily doses of Mega MSM for the last five years. Thanks to your product I can do my daily exercise without feeling any pain in my joints.
Santos Mateo