[I’ve] been taking your Lung Support Formula for 8 to 9 months. We just went through a heat wave with high humidity and air-quality alerts. My breathing was excellent. I sincerely thank you for this product.
Vinny Colagiovanni
Providence, RI
My father is 87…. Since taking Lung Support he has gotten through more winters without lung problems. If I run out, I can tell right away he will be having problems. I also take it…. Thank you for a product that works!
Valeria Bieniek
Lexington, MI
I took Lung Support for many years. I stopped taking it… and was in the hospital for one month. I did not take Lung Support for a while, but when I started taking it again all my symptoms stopped. I never plan to be without Lung Support again. It is a wonderful product.
Patricia Bear
Dallas, TX
In 1998… my daughter bought Lung Support Formula for me. Then the time came when I ran out and I couldn’t afford it, so I quit taking it for two months. At the end of those two months, I realized I needed the formula much more than other things. I went back on it and have never gone a day without it since then. This is an amazing product that works very well for me. I will not go without it ever again. Thank you.
Kathryn Van Dervoort
Greensboro, NC
I have been using Lung Support for help with my meds. I have been a great deal better. I believe that Lung Support increases the medicine I take. Your service is the best and your products are the greatest. Thank you, each and everyone.
Johnny Lynch
Temple, GA
I… was on an inhaler at least twice a day, but started on the Lung Support my husband had ordered for me. I started taking it and now, four years later, I have only used my inhaler three times—only because someone came near me with an older pet dog that had a lot of dander. Thank you.
Janis Salvador
Holyoke, CO
I took Lung Support a long time ago for several years and couldn’t afford it, so I stopped. When you ran your recent special at $10 a bottle, I ordered it and saw a difference in my breathing the first day I took it. I have been on it for three weeks and can’t believe the recent surge of energy and improved breathing. I’m a fan forever. I’m 80 years old and still selling real estate.
Theresa Hatrak
Pelican Island, NJ