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We offer only the finest nature-based formulas for the discerning health-conscious consumer.

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60 Capsules
Feel young again with powerful plant extracts that supply key phytonutrients. This highly concentrated formula contains a wide range of green vegetable and fruit extracts.
From $19.95


90 Capsules
Clinically proven; A clinical study showed that 90% of people taking PROSTATA® experienced decreased urinary times, nighttime urination, & improved sensation of completely emptying their bladders after urination.
From $19.95

Prostata® Plus Softgels

60 Softgels
Prostata® just got better! GardaVita's trusted prostate health formula has now been clinically researched to support healthy urinary function. Now in more bioavailable softgels.
From $29.95

RenalSur BOGO (2x Bottles)

60 Capsules
RenalSur combines time-honored ingredients in a revolutionary new formula to support kidney health and promote overall vitality.
$59.90 $29.95

Resveratrol Complex * BOGO (2x Bottles)

120 Capsules
Support heart health and healthy circulation with this renowned red wine extract. One bottle of Resveratrol Complex contains more resveratrol than 800 glasses of red wine!
$59.98 $29.99

Serezec Plus

60 Tablets
Serezec Plus offers you tried and true mood-enhancing nutrients such as SAMe, tyrosine, and B vitamins. In addition, each tablet is enterically coated.
From $19.95

Sexativa Plus

90 Capsules
Supports sexual vigor with nutrients such as golden root, damiana, and suma. Try Sexativa Plus and enhance your passion.
From $19.95


60 Capsules
This year-round formula supports healthy sinus function with a carefully chosen blend of herbs and enzymes that are known to support sinuses and nasal passages.
From $19.95

Triple Omega 3-6-9 * BOGO (2x Bottles)

120 Softgels
Complete Omega Complex for overall health. This formula provides a healthy ratio of omega-3, omega-6, and omega-9 fatty acids.
$39.98 $19.99