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Added Pounds May Mean Added Joint Discomfort in Women


Added Pounds May Mean Added Joint Discomfort in WomenIt goes without saying that being overweight isn’t healthy. When your body carries excess weight that isn’t ideal for your skeletal frame and musculature, it forces your heart and other organs to work extra hard. Besides heart health challenges, such as high blood pressure, being overweight can also affect blood sugar management and bone strength.

Overweight Women More Prone to Joint Discomfort

A new study funded by the Mayo Clinic that was published in Arthritis Care & Research states that women who are overweight have a 20% greater risk of developing joint health challenges. According to Dr. Eric Matteson, one of the study coauthors and chair of the rheumatology department at the Mayo Clinic, “fat cells produce inflammatory proteins and they’re active in inflammation.” Inflammation in joint tissue can lead to swelling, stiffness, and discomfort in joints and surrounding tissues. So aside from putting extra weight on joints and wearing them away faster, extra fat cells can cause inflammation, which can further aggravate your joints. The National Institutes of Health also states that women are two-to-three times more likely than men to develop joint health challenges, and four-to-five times more likely to have bone density challenges, which can also affect joints.

Take the Strain off Your Body

Maintaining a healthy weight isn’t just better for your joints, bones, and heart—it can also significantly lift your mood if you’re feeling self-conscious about your body. Exercise releases endorphins, which stimulate feelings of happiness in the brain. Long-term, regular exercise can also help lift moods, reduce anxiety, and improve sleep quality. Keeping your weight healthy isn’t something you should do to keep health challenges at bay; you should do it because being healthy makes you feel good!




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