[I’ve] been taking your Lung Support Formula for 8 to 9 months. We just went through a heat wave with high humidity and air-quality alerts. My breathing was excellent. I sincerely thank you for this product.
Vinny Colagiovanni
Providence, RI
My father is 87…. Since taking Lung Support he has gotten through more winters without lung problems. If I run out, I can tell right away he will be having problems. I also take it…. Thank you for a product that works!
Valeria Bieniek
Lexington, MI
I took Lung Support for many years. I stopped taking it… and was in the hospital for one month. I did not take Lung Support for a while, but when I started taking it again all my symptoms stopped. I never plan to be without Lung Support again. It is a wonderful product.
Patricia Bear
Dallas, TX
In 1998… my daughter bought Lung Support Formula for me. Then the time came when I ran out and I couldn’t afford it, so I quit taking it for two months. At the end of those two months, I realized I needed the formula much more than other things. I went back on it and have never gone a day without it since then. This is an amazing product that works very well for me. I will not go without it ever again. Thank you.
Kathryn Van Dervoort
Greensboro, NC
I have been using Lung Support for help with my meds. I have been a great deal better. I believe that Lung Support increases the medicine I take. Your service is the best and your products are the greatest. Thank you, each and everyone.
Johnny Lynch
Temple, GA
I… was on an inhaler at least twice a day, but started on the Lung Support my husband had ordered for me. I started taking it and now, four years later, I have only used my inhaler three times—only because someone came near me with an older pet dog that had a lot of dander. Thank you.
Janis Salvador
Holyoke, CO
I took Lung Support a long time ago for several years and couldn’t afford it, so I stopped. When you ran your recent special at $10 a bottle, I ordered it and saw a difference in my breathing the first day I took it. I have been on it for three weeks and can’t believe the recent surge of energy and improved breathing. I’m a fan forever. I’m 80 years old and still selling real estate.
Theresa Hatrak
Pelican Island, NJ
I first saw an advertisement for Lung Support Formula in an issue of the Journal of Longevity, and I knew it was the product I’d been looking for. Even though I have never smoked, years of passive smoking from being around others who did had caused myself and my wife to develop signs of [lung issues]. I placed an order and was surprised by how much it improved both of our respiratory health. It really helped and everything was running so smoothly.
When I ran out of product I thought little of it and went back to my usual routine. However, my old breathing difficulties soon returned. I realized it was Lung Support Formula that had been helping all this time, so I reordered it and have been enjoying improved lung health ever since.
Gene A.
I’ve been taking Lung Support Formula for over 32 years now. Breathing used to be much more difficult for me, but with Lung Support, my breathing has increased by 20%. The area I lived in made it much harder to breathe normally and that when I developed my issues, but now I feel I am able to live better. Lung Support Formula really does work!
Ronald K.
Sparks, NV
I first heard about Lung Support Formula when my sister told me about this wonderful product. I ordered it and took it for myself. I saw a vast improvement in my lung health. Once I went off Lung Support Formula for 3 months, I was starting to experience issues again. So now I make sure to take it consistently. I am 67 years old, still working, and just feel overall great. I make sure to recommend Lung Support Formula to everyone I know. Even my husband takes it now!
Sandra B.
Bettendorf, IA
When I was working in an office, many of my colleagues were smokers. I was exposed to second-hand smoke on a daily basis, which really put my lungs through some stress. I had to quit that job due those issues. I wanted to help support my lung health after that ordeal.
Lung Support Formula is such a wonderful product. I used to cough frequently at night when I would lay down, but now that doesn’t happen any longer. I can sleep better and feel more rested for the day ahead. I try to keep my health in shape, keeping myself busy, going on walks, and work out on the trampoline to help with my blood circulation. Lung Support Formula is helping me with my health, as it has done for the past six years!
Wilda S.
Warfordsburg, PA
I was introduced to Lung Support Formula by my husband. He was already using Prostata®, and we had been getting the issues of Journal of Longevity frequently. I’d also seen Lung Support Formula in an ad from the magazine, and with my husband’s support, I decided to try it out.
Before, I used to wheeze whenever I breathed but Lung Support Formula helped me control all that. With a large family and constantly taking care of my 17-acre home, I didn’t want to keep losing my breath. Lung Support Formula has made such a positive change in my life and I highly recommend it!
Sandra M.
Carthage, NY